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Now make sure your phone date is correct. As the latest Nimbuzz was released about weeks ago if your phone date is earlier then 3 weeks ago you will get a certification error telling you to check your phone date or something like that. So just be sure your phone date is correct and that you downloaded the most recent version of Nimbuzz. Let us know if it works! Kamran virk This is not a bug, we have removed this option. In which country are you located? From which community is the contact calling you? Hello, my fiance have two problems: Is it problem in sip service also. Pls let me know we can use an other sip through nimbuz i regestered sip showing activated and when call then showing unavailable.

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Artur Fabianski In regards of the reported issues: Which device and Nimbuzz version do you use? Could you describe the exact error message and when does it appear? Which exact error message do you receive when trying to send a file? Are you sending it to a Nimbuzz contact or from another community?

Dear Q Rich, I am using E71 and nimbuzz 3. How can i switch back to old version? Or how can i rectify this? Plz help me. Nokia symbian s60v5 Nimbuzz version 3. She have echoing problem when she calling to me. The same problem was in previous version of nimbuzz. Kindly regards. Artur Fabianski About received files: About calling: It is unclear to me, could you confirm, when she calls you if you are on a chat screen you can get the ringtone, but then the screen turns black and you cannot answer the call? About echo: Could you let us know which exact error message do you receive?

Does it happen when you send a file to a Nimbuzz contact? Krishnakumar Ka Thanks for reporting, we are aware of some issues the file sending feature.

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So, look peoples needs, look people likes, look peoples demands. Next kindly regards. Artur Fabianski Thanks for the info, we are going to investigate this and find a fix. Kamran We are working in order to provide new and improved features. If you consider we should add something, let us know! Suggestions are always welcome.

Hi again guys. Thanks for replying to my problem. It doesnt freeze specifically at any point,just randomly stops working and i have to either stop my connection or shut down and startup nimbuzz again. I never had this problem on my E63 using the old version. Only packet data aps appear in the prefered carrier list. Thanks, we will take this into account for future improvements. Thanks for reporting, we are going to investigate this issue and find a fix for this.

If yes, which exact error message do you get? Does it happen when sending file sto your Nimbuzz contacts or from another IM accounts? If possible please fix ASAP thanks for undrestanding. Everything was perfect until a couple of days ago. I updated it to Nimbuz 3. Maybe I did something wrong? Thank you Uddin. When does the error message exactly appear? If it does let us know. I use Nokia E I downloaded Nimbuzz 3 new version. It works fine with Yahoo and Google.

Facebook Chat firstly works fine without re-authorize. Then after several days, FB chat can not work. I thought it was your server problem but it continued for 2 days. Then I checked my facebook account and realiser that my facebook account was secured by Facebook administratror because they thought there was unusual activity connection server to my account. The unusual activity was connection from a server in Amsterdam. I knew this is Nimbuzz server. After I reconfirm with FB then I can restore my account. Your FB chat works fine. Then I had to repeat same process again.

This is same case with Palringo. So, we can not re-authorise via phone browser. So I try to reauthorized via your web chat. I can reauthorise FB chat via your web chat. I did this while Nimbuzz mobile online on my phone. On my phone, I could see that Nimbuzz had re authorized FB chat and my user name change to a number.

The problem happened again after sign out. OnggoWijayanto Indonesia Thanks for reporting, have you tried directly on my. This happens due to the way Nimbuzz connects you and we can guarantee that there are no security risks evolved on it. I am unable sucessfully log in to Nimbuzz account using Nimbuzz 3. I proceeded with the Sign In screen. Although I tried uninstalling and installing again and again.

Here are some my info: Please help… thanks. I have entered my phone number a countless time for my password that i have forgotten and nothing has been sent to my phone. Changed my phone and cannot remember my account details. FB login problems seem to have been resolved. Could you try to login again? Have you tried to login with a different Nimbuzz client but same account? Let us know if the issue persist. Olajumoke Have you tried retrieving your password directly here: Unfortunately I still doesnt work at all.

With the older version, I hit the button Sign in but nothing happened and with Nimbuzz 3. Great app overall. However, the ads are annoying, especially the banner ones. MSN, Facebook, etc.

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Raymon thanks fpr your comments and feedback, we will take them into account for future improvements. Using this version, is it possible to call nimbuzz-to-nimbuzz from Nokia E71 to Blackberry , and vice versa? Is there another version that will allow me to do nimbuzz-to-nimbuzz calling? In regards of the call feature, are you not able to find the call option? Or just not able to call some specific contacts? Kamran Virk Thanks for reporting, which Nimbuzz version do you use? In which device?

Free Nimbuzz Nokia E63 Apps

Regards, T. K Which exact error message do you receive when you are on 3g? We recommend you to check directly with your network provider, they might be blocking the VoIP functionality on 3g network. Let us know denielle Thanks for informing us, we will try to reproduce this issue james Thanks for reporting, which device and Nimbuzz version are you using? If you have issues sending files please do report this directly to support nimbuzz. Once this is enabled try to login your FB account on Nimbuzz and let us know if the issue persist.

Is there a way to customize the alert tones for Nimbuzz chat messages. In my Nokia E72 it is only the default Nimbuzz alet tone. Help me pls… I want a new version hoping 4 ur responce. Which device do you use? Please be more specific. Even it must be left to right.! We will check if that can be possible. I mean,i click on chat tab, than i see ten peoples which i am chatting when i open 1st chat which is on the top.

Hey, i installed Nimbuzz 3. Nishith Could you try downloading from get. Let us know if the app still freezes. Which type of connection and Network provider do you have?


Zong pakistan nimubuzz version 3. I have the nokia E7 and im sorry if this has been posted already but my issue is. I downloaded the software from ovi and also from the nimbuzz site itself. My issue and i hope there are others out there like me can help. When i download nimbuzz the paid verson or the free version. Everything downloads smoothly. Then it asks you to log on and this is where the issue happens. After i log on the app just freezes and hangs there for ever or until i close the app down. Then it just boots me off.

I never got any further then that. Is there anyone that can help me or is this an issue thats being looked at. But ya had nimbuzz with my older phones not nokias and i must say nimbuzz rocks. Keep up the awesome work nimbuzz. If you download it from get. Try it our and let us know if the issue persists. Did you send a mail to our Support team? Please do support nimbuzz. Hi Nimbuzz was working just fine for a month , and now when i press the icon so to start it, the screen flashes for a second and then nothing happens.

It never opens up. How can i install nimbuzz so to install it again? PLease help me I am using Nokia c7 Thank u! Try downloading the latest update from get. I am Using Nimbuzz on my Nokia This new version has a lot of inconvenience with respect to statuses. All my contacts were offline but the status circle showed RED color which actually stands for busy 3.

I want the earlier version now what do I do?? This new version is very troublesome for me. I was surprised to see such basic flaws in Nimbuzz. We will forward your comments to our developers in order to improve future versions. Please make sure you are using the latest version available for your device: Now the question: To make it clear: It would be good without the need to enter the settings every time.

No, unfortunately there is no faster way to unregister and register a new SIP account on Nimbuzz, but we will think on how to improve that. Could you tell us the number of Nimbuzz version are you using? Do you receive an error message? If so, what does this error message say? From which website did you downloaded the application?

If this does not work, could you try to download and use the version for Sony Ericsson Satio? Mathews Yohannan Yes, we aim to do support this feature in other platforms. Stay tuned to our Blog for more related info. When i am installing nimbuzz in my nokia E5 i am getting error as update error.. Kaleeswaran Govindaraj This error message normally occurs when you press the download button twice. Siyad R This error message normally occurs when you press the download button twice.

Money also deducting from account. Please help. But I can do voice chat in G-talk using nimbuzz. Let us know! Asif Ansari Thanks for informing us, we will double check that. Could you try to download the app directly from Nokia Ovi store? Using Nimbuzz only. Call is going but, no sound after picking the call at other end. Can i use Nimbuzz account for SIP setting? Nisheeth We currently only support the option to delete Nimbuzz contacts.

If your contact is a Nimbuzz buddy please click on the buddy name and choose delete. If this is a buddy from another IM community you will need to delete the buddy on the community itself first, and after it the contact will be removed from your Nimbuzz contact list.

Hi, Does this Nimbuzz work on X If there is a workable version for it, could please let me know! Nimra You can download the new version of Nimbuzz application for your Mobile from our website http: Let us know if you have issues with installation or downloading, let us know which device do you have, where are you trying to download the application from , which type of connection do you have and which error message do you get.


Vivek Did you try to download the latest version 3. Does the issue persist? Do Nimbuz version 3. Because several times I downloaded via OVI or download it directly from the web nimbuzz, still it was given a version 3. Which version 3. Red Due to some bug reports we have decided to roll back to version 3. Please be patient we will provide a new update with fixes later on this week.

We will also update the new version to Nokia Ovi store. Breathless Love Which exact issue are you facing? DO you get any error message? Make sure you are using the latest version available for your device 3. It is on our roadmap, to provide this feature to other platforms as well, but unfortunately we cannot provide you with a fix date for it to be implemented. Stay tuned to our Blog http: Safna — Nimbuzz does not support calling on Java devices.

We only support calling on Symbian, Android, iphone and PC. I have a problem on mu Nokia E Reinstalling Fring will make Fring work. The chat messaging of Fring and nimbuzz appears to work though. We are constantly working on improving our application and appreciate the suggestion provided by you, which will work on in our future release. Soren — Would request you to remove the application once from your device completely and re-install the application from get. In case you still face any issue please get in touch with support nimbuzz. Baset sabouri — You can search for the device and download the latest version of Nimbuzz from get.

I do enjoy Nimbuzz for my chatting and tweeting experience. But I suggest that an update option be included in the sign-in page for the benefit of users that may forget their log-in details reset. Sir, iam waiting ur video call nimbuzz for nokia belle , video call option now available pc and iphone ,then why u avoid for videocall option for nokia belle device symbian?

Fasal — Thanks for your valuable feedback. We are constantly working on introducing new features in Nimbuzz. Please allow us some time and stay tuned for related info on http: Shakiru Owolabi — Thanks for your feedback and suggestion, much appreciated. We will consider it to be implemented in future releases.

Ko Zaw Thwin piano — Please search for your device from the list and download the latest version of Nimbuzz from get. Please let us know in case of any issues. Isaacjnr — Could you please let us know the error you are getting while adding this communities on Nimbuzz account? We expect that too And other things are just outstanding credits And none other messengers shines like team nimbuzz!

Hats of u for your services.. Keep growing. Hi nimbuzz…i m user of nokia E Ur services are fantastic. Its a great feel using latest version. Everythng is fantastic. The UI is better. I like the new large online icons. There is no hesitation saying this that Nimbuzz is one of the best applicatin in Symbian. Hi, In all earlier versions, yahoo pingbox users website visitors are not being able to chat via nimbuzz yahoo.

We just receive their message as guest but they do not receive our messages sent via nimbuzz yahoo. Have we sorted this out in this new release? I changed my phone number but Nimbuzz is not able to verify it. What to do??? Anubhav- Would request to reach out to support nimbuzz.

Are you using an specific feature? Anurag — We are still working on introducing this feature in our future releases. However, we can not fix up a date for its release. Stay tuned for related news and info on blog. You can make the changes to settings of twitter under Nimbuzz account to update the refresh time. I m from india, using nimbuzz on nokia e71 with network vodafone. You will not face any issue if you follow the above step. Whenever i call any nimbuzz contact after some seconds my mobile switching off and restarts again…so what could be the problem.

Thanks and best regards.. If you still this issue please check your device for viruses. Abhi — Could you please let us know the exact issue you are facing while using this feature on your device? Do you receive any error message while accessing this keyboard? I can not open chats. I can select other options contacts, twitter etc but can not open chats. Why nimbuzz 3. Unlike nimbuzz 3. I mean, like: Receive files.

Dial numbers. Recent calls. My Info. Group chat. I want to download the file directly on Nimbuzz, not in the mobile browser.

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We will consider these to be implemented in our future releases. Stay tuned for related info on http: Kashif Khan — If you have forgot your username or password and you have registered your email address or phone number you can request a password reset by following this link: Gaj- Please make sure that you enter the username and the password in lower case.

You will not face this error. Kashif Khan — Would request you to please reach out to support nimbuzz. Please Help,my nimbuzz chatroom feature is not working. Whenever I enter any chatrooms. Please help Nimbuzz team,I am facing this problem for past many months. You will not receive any more error when you access chatroom.

Hi admin i hope u are al fyn my name is waseem and my id has been blocked wid out any reason so plz get back my id jogi nimbuzz. Wazi — Please reach out to support nimbuzz. Thanks once again for your valuable feedback. It closes when we search chat room and also during chat. Please fix it. You will not face any issues. Connect your address book and share unlimited photos, files, music and videos with other friends on Facebook, Yahoo Messenger and Gtalk.

You can also connect with your friends on Twitter using our popular chat buddy. Nimbuzz Messenger is available for every smartphone and feature phone, so go ahead and tell your friends to download Nimbuzz Messenger. Make new friends in chat rooms and share your location for easy face-to-face meetups.

nimbuzz app download for nokia e63 Nimbuzz app download for nokia e63
nimbuzz app download for nokia e63 Nimbuzz app download for nokia e63
nimbuzz app download for nokia e63 Nimbuzz app download for nokia e63
nimbuzz app download for nokia e63 Nimbuzz app download for nokia e63
nimbuzz app download for nokia e63 Nimbuzz app download for nokia e63
nimbuzz app download for nokia e63 Nimbuzz app download for nokia e63
nimbuzz app download for nokia e63 Nimbuzz app download for nokia e63
nimbuzz app download for nokia e63 Nimbuzz app download for nokia e63

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