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Then scroll all the way to the top of the list and select Advanced Options. When you click Applications inside this menu, your device will build a list of all apps on your device. Scroll through them and you'll probably find a number of programs that you don't need.

Delete apps by scrolling over them and hitting your BlackBerry menu key. Select Delete and confirm that you want to remove the app when the dialogue box pops up.


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You often need to restart your device for app deletions to take effect. Storing old or already-read text, e-mail and PIN messages on your BlackBerry can take a significant bite out of your device's available memory. Get rid of all that clutter. Click your Messages icon on the BlackBerry home screen to open your messaging application, and then hit the BlackBerry menu key. Scroll down the list until you see Options, in the next menu choose General Options, and then scroll down to Keep Messages.

Obviously, the lower the number of days, the more memory you'll free over time. You can keep your messages for as long as you want--forever, if you choose--but 15 days is the shortest time period.

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  • Delete Any Unnecessary/Unused Applications;

You can also minimize the amount of device memory taken up by messages by keeping a tidy inbox. Don't let your message counter get out of control, if you've got 50 or unopened messages that you already read on your laptop, get rid of them on your BlackBerry. One easy way to delete a bunch of messages without having to go through each one is to hold the left or right Shift key while scrolling through your inbox or outbox.

This highlights all the messages you scroll past until you release Shift. Then simply hit your BlackBerry Menu key and select Delete to get rid of the list. You can also delete all messages sent or received before a specific date. To do so, scroll down to a date line and hit the BlackBerry Menu key.

How to view event logs on a BlackBerry smartphone

From there, select Delete Prior, and you'll trash all previous messages. BlackBerry content compression is meant to decrease the size of the data on your device to take up less memory, and you should take advantage of the option. When enabled, all your device data is compressed, including messages, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, and memos. To turn content compression on, click the Options key on your BlackBerry's home icon screen, scroll to and select Security Options and then choose General Settings. Once inside the General Settings menu, highlight Content Compression, click your trackball or trackwheel and choose Enabled.

Enable Content Compression:

Then save your changes by exiting the screen via the Escape key or otherwise and select Save when the Changes Made dialogue box appears. Some newer BlackBerrys, like RIM's Pearl and Curve devices--and the as-of-yet unreleased --have cameras for photos and media players for watching video and listening to music. Even RIM devices without cameras, like the and series handhelds , have media players so users can view images and video downloaded from websites or sent by friends or coworkers. Media files, particularly video files, are quite large and can do a job on your device's available memory.

If you like to store lots of images, music files or video on your device, your best bet is to get an external storage card, like a MicroSD card, so you're not using internal memory for your media consumption.

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It's also a good idea to do away with any images or video you don't want to keep or other media you don't use frequently. To do so using just your BlackBerry device, click your Media icon on the BlackBerry home screen and select the type of media files that you wish to delete: Once you've selected a media type, highlight the file that you wish to remove, hit your BlackBerry menu key, choose Delete and confirm the deletion. Some preloaded images or file types can only be removed using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software. Like your Messages application, your BlackBerry calendar stores data on past appointments, meetings and other events.

You can free up some device memory by reducing the period of time for which the calendar stores that data. Depending on whether or not you sync your calendar with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server BES and a corporate mail client or frequently enter in meetings and other happenings, you could see a noticeable increase in available memory by tweaking your Calendar app's Keep Appointment settings.

From there, scroll down to Keep Appointments and set the value to the shortest acceptable time period. Again, like your Message app, the shortest interval is 15 days, but you can also choose to keep appointment information forever. BlackBerrys keep a record of the recently run events and processes, called an Event Log.

Your Event Log can come in handy if you're experiencing a problem with your device or a specific application or service, because it can be used for troubleshooting. But storing all that information also takes up your BlackBerry memory.

A dialogue box will then pop up asking if you're sure that you want to delete the log. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.


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