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Your target here is not just to reach the next station in the fastest possible time. The train and its cargo or passengers should also arrive at their destination without a scratch. Pressing on the brakes too late may result in losing points or worse, collisions with other trains. If you bump into another passing train, you will have to repeat the level from the very start. The train racing mode allows you to compete with other real-life players.

Participants of the race can choose their own trains to drive. Even in the multiplayer racing mode, you will still have to follow train rules. Stop lights and signages will still appear and be effective. The exercise of control is really important in this game. When you decide that it is time to get down from the high of racing and you want to take a break, you can always go back to the normal simulation mode. Just focus on picking up passengers in cargo and bringing them from station to station unharmed.

As I have said, you make sure you follow all the train traffic rules.

Exciting train rides

The game will also give warnings while you are in the middle of your drive to alert you if there are dangers ahead. The game has incredible 3D graphics that makes every detail in the game stand out. It also has realistic backgrounds, sceneries, and environment. You will really appreciate the sights as you traverse past them, like the bright mountain areas and snowy villages.

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Each one has a distinct pattern, style, and mode. Some trains look neat and simple while others are vibrant and showy. Indian Train Racing is the best game to play when you can think of nothing to do. It is a very relaxing game especially because of its wonderful aesthetics and simple gameplay. The addition of a racing mode is also good as it makes the game more diverse and thrilling. Locations and trains. Train Driver simulator for the Android plausibly presents the railway routes of the cities of the USA, Germany, France, Australia, and Canada — untouched corners of nature, neighboring megacities, villages, and farms: Trains are no less different — locomotives and vehicles from the metro, as well as diesel, electric, freight, and intercity trains of various enjoyment with varying types of control and sensitivity of control!

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Indian Train Racing Games 3D for Android - Download

Follow the various routes to transport people — stop at the marked points, fill the cars with people, opening and closing the doors. And also change the weather conditions, set your own routes, expand the coverage area and share the result with your friends! Download Train Driver 15 on Android right now, do not miss it!

Train simulator pro 2018 game download kare video-- by AT Vishu

In this game, you will become a dispatcher, only on the railway tracks, so transfer the arrows and help the trains to reach their destination intact and unharmed. In general, the idea of this game is very global, because it stands for safety on the railway tracks; At each level you will be given only 30 seconds, at first it will seem more than enough time but already from the middle it will be catastrophically missed because the trains will become more and more, the paths that need to be translated too, and that the most difficult — they will be strongly intertwined in several places.

The process is built in such a way that first you do everything that you think is necessary to achieve a positive result, and then the trains are started, then you will not be able to change anything, so be careful and think through all possible outcomes.

A pleasant and addictive game that will completely help you pass a few evenings for a useful pastime. Passengers are already boarded in the cars, there are only minutes left before the train is dispatched, it remains only to check the tickets and inspect the transported cargo for the full availability of everything necessary. After completing the full training, the train moved from its place, when suddenly the native railway appeared in a terrible state — the rails are scattered, disconnected, and almost not functioning but the problem is not even this: Get ready headlong to solve complex puzzles, collecting the destroyed railway from scratch!

Try to finish one hundred and twenty thought-out levels of Train-Tiles Express for Android, based on a simple task with easy management and stunning graphics — move parts of the railway, travel at the foot of the volcano, amid the forest wilderness and snow-covered kingdom! Click to download Train-Tiles Express to Android and become a real railway engineer!

Trains must get home safe and sound, they should not be catastrophic. The game is controlled in the format of a touch. The game has a great graphics. Here you can control a flying vehicle. You will need to make every effort to win the title of the best pilot of a flying train! Now every gamer can stop skating on dirty impassability. Enjoy the beautiful views that will flash past, feel full freedom, soar in the sky like a bird.

Become a professional pilot of a mind-blowing aircraft. This is a new discovery, a breakthrough, such a world has never been seen! The developers were pleased with the fact that they created very realistic train sounds. In addition, realistic physics will please. In other words, your flights will be very realistic and will bring a lot of fun to every gamer.

Mobile Train Game

The control is very easy, so you can easily enjoy the heavenly beauties, dissecting on your train. In this exciting game, you can play without connecting to the Internet. This is very convenient because not everywhere there is Wi-Fi. Note the presence of several types of camera. The choice of trains is quite large, which is also very encouraging.

If you could not imagine the game about flying trains, now it is in front of you. It remains only to download it and make sure that it is chic. Advise her friends, comrades, acquaintances, and relatives, so that everyone will enjoy it. Train Simulator is a wonderful train simulator for Android, developed by iGames Entertainment. A new project from the South Indian studio, which has released more than one similar product in the genre of a simulator, as well as racing games.

Again, the developers suggest that we feel ourselves in the role of a high-speed train driver. It is possible to open all the compounds at once but about this method a little later. Obtain, of course, the cheapest. Then the game process begins directly. We open the doors, the passengers come in, close the doors well and on the knurl.

Everything you need we have. Speed control lever, emergency brake button, dial tone. We bring people to the station, get money and experience, and again for work until we save up for a new train. You can also get money for watching commercials. In the game Train Simulator , there is the easiest way to get all the trains at once. Press the flashing button in the right-hand left corner and buy them for some fee. And for a small contribution — to disable advertising. Of course, you can manage without purchases but the passage will be long.

Train Sim Pro

The lack of proper detailing afflicts, smoothing. In general, the schedule is normal. Musical accompaniment can be said quite successful but not very diverse. The management of the train itself is a universal language, everyone will understand. The game location is a back yard of a house, on the site of which you will drive on your locomotive. The point is to collect the trains that extend the train but not all in a row but as far as possible of a certain color. Having collected three identical, trailers disappear, for this the player is credited with coins. In the course of your journey, in addition to them, there will also be different kinds of bonuses.

Such as a snowflake, it slightly reduces the constantly increasing speed of the locomotive. Or a bonus, giving the opportunity to remove one color of the car from your train. There is also a bonus, which allows you to change the color of the already fallen wagons.

It is worth remembering that, like in the classic snake, a collision with a wall means a loss. Its stock is not infinite, so do not miss the lightning bolt on the field. It will recharge the battery slightly. The game has three levels of difficulty, differing in the speed of moving the train, the number of cars appearing and the time for which the battery is charging. For accumulated coins, you can buy a new locomotive and open the next location.

The game shop provides seven types of trains, differing in combat coloring, speed, and characteristics of battery capacity. The last of them has a surprise in the form of multiplying the doubled coins. It should be noted that in addition to cars and bonuses, parts of the puzzle appear on the field, selecting which, the player has the opportunity to collect the picture. And for this, he is waiting for a gift in the form of a unique locomotive. The graphics in the game are executed with dignity, pleasant visual effects, dynamic shadows. Everything looks beautiful and harmonious.

Publisher's Description

Against the background, merry music sounds. The game deserves high praise for quality study, excellent gameplay, vivacity, and color. Designed for a wide range of users, like children and adults. Help the brave locomotive. Download Brave Train absolutely free for Android devices. History and locations. The mountain gorge, covered with whitish haze, is alarmed by the appearance of an unexpected guest — a high-speed train, rushing through rocks, forests, and plains behind passengers and cargo.

Interface and rules. The main and game screen is filled with buttons literally to the point of failure — from above some statistics, goals, additional menu items, from below — control buttons, brake, direction selection, dial tone. With the rules, too, everything is serious — a virtual assistant will tell you when to brake, how to choose the right way, where to collect additional points. And yet once figuring out everything, no longer have to be distracted — you can freely view the sights. Settings and rewards. Simulator Train Simulator Uphill Drive is beautiful in all respects — intense, varied, balanced complex and indescribably beautiful.

The developers tried to bring the game to the maximum — every little thing is adjusted, each level offers new conditions and ideas, and in the menu, also, the made achievements light up and additional trains are opened — in general, everyone is indebted to look at the Train Simulator Uphill Drive for Android! Perhaps, this is the first and at the moment the best simulator of HDD on Android. Trainz Driver helps you deliver an important cargo to anywhere in the world right from your smartphone!

The game has a very nice graphics, which will please the eye. You completely control the movement of your train. You can accelerate the movement of the train by throwing coal in the furnace or stop the train altogether, move the arrows on the tracks to change direction. But be on the alert! Not only your train walks along the tracks.

Trains, even virtual ones but cost money. In the Trainz Driver for Android, tracking locomotive movement has several kinds. And if you add acceleration to the train, on the instruments the pressure in the boiler will change, the arrow will move on the speedometer, and the control lever will move to another position. Trainz Driver on Android has an interesting feature — here you can create your own unique routes with stops while creating a map you do not have to install a special program — the card can be created directly on your Android smartphone or tablet.

In real life, new metro lines can only be built by city authorities. In the new game Subway Craft: But not only by building rails and laying new metro routes you will be engaged, as well as many other amusing businesses. For a short period of time, you will be able to adapt to new conditions and even learn how to build and lay rails quickly, efficiently, and beautifully. Once the metro will be built by you, you will also be able to take the first passengers. Now it is your responsibility to ensure that trains do not collide with one another and are not derailed. If it happens, the first who will suffer — of course the passengers.

We recommend downloading Subway Craft: The game is fascinating and very diverse. You can build a metro to infinity, thereby making the city and infrastructure more developed and modern. New building materials and modern technology to help you. RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic is an application that has become a classic because it appeared when no one could even dream of a touchscreen phone, not that of games on it.

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RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic does not slow down and is constantly updated, thus attracting new and new players. Start from the very beginning and develop an amusement park: RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic is a classic that has absorbed the usual graphics and gameplay, so if you are a fan of the first versions of the application — be sure to appreciate the new one, which over time has absorbed only the best features of all your favorite games about the roller coaster!

train games download for mobile Train games download for mobile
train games download for mobile Train games download for mobile
train games download for mobile Train games download for mobile
train games download for mobile Train games download for mobile
train games download for mobile Train games download for mobile
train games download for mobile Train games download for mobile
train games download for mobile Train games download for mobile
train games download for mobile Train games download for mobile
Train games download for mobile

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