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Beneath all that surface-level stuff, though, our modern mobile devices are filled with files — folders upon folders of 'em! We may not come face to face with our phones' file systems too often, but it's valuable to know they're there — and to know how they can work for us when the need arises. After all, your Android device is a productivity powerhouse.

It can even act as a portable hard drive and house any sort of important files you might need in your pocket and not just on some far-away cloud.

How to Recover Deleted Files From Android Phone

Your mobile device can carry an awful lot of data, and there may come a time when you want to dig in and deal directly with it. Here's everything you need to know to get under the hood and tap into your phone's file managing powers. You might not realize it at a glance, but Android actually allows you to access a device's entire file system — even from the device itself.

Android file management: An easy-to-follow guide | Computerworld

The operating system has had its own native file manager since 's Android 6. With Android 6. You have to look in the Storage section of your system settings, then scroll all the way to the bottom and tap the line labeled "Explore" to find it. With Google's Android 8. All you have to do is open that app and select the "Show internal storage" option in its menu to browse through your phone's full internal storage. You can then open, move, rename, copy, delete and share files as needed.

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And if you have the Android 9 Pie release on your phone, things get even easier: As of Pie, the file manager exists in its own sensibly named Files app. Open it up and tap the three-line menu icon in the upper-left corner to browse any area of your local storage or a connected Drive account.

Android's native file manager left is fine for basics, but a fully featured app like Solid Explorer right can do much more. If you want to do more than the most basic on-device file management, a third-party file manager is the way to go. It's nicely designed and intuitive to use, yet jam-packed with advanced features like near-instant device-wide searching, support for creating and extracting common archive formats such as ZIP, 7ZIP and RAR , and the ability to encrypt files and folders so they're accessible only with a fingerprint or password. Solid Explorer can connect to almost any cloud storage service as well as to a personal or corporate FTP server for hassle-free transferring of local and remote files.

Be sure to turn your phone horizontally, too, as that'll cause the app to expand into a multi-window mode in which you can easily drag and drop files between two different folders or destinations. One little-known feature of Android is its ability to connect with external storage devices like USB memory sticks and even larger-capacity portable hard drives.

A fair number of devices, including Google's Pixel phones and many Samsung Galaxy products, offer such support.

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If you aren't sure if your phone does, your best bet is to Google its name along with "USB OTG"; odds are, you'll find the answer fairly quickly. Use the adapter to plug the external drive into your phone, then look for a notification confirming the drive is connected. A notification will appear when an external drive is connected to your Android device and ready to be accessed.

Tap the "Explore" option within the notification, and that's it: You can now browse and access all the files on your external drive. If you want to do even more, just open up a third-party file manager like the aforementioned Solid Explorer. You'll be able to find the USB drive there and perform most any imaginable function on its contents.

When you're finished, don't forget to go back to the notification and tap "Eject" before disconnecting the drive.


In addition to supporting external hard drives, your Android phone can act as an external hard drive. Just plug your device into any Windows or Mac computer, and you can access its entire file system and drag and drop files between it and your desktop with ease. With a Windows system, it's essentially as simple as plug and play. With a Mac, you'll first need to install a special program on your computer before the connection can be established.

For step-by-step instructions on either front, click over to my comprehensive Android file transfer guide. Want to transfer files between your Android phone and a computer or another Android phone, iPhone, etc. No problem.

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Add to wishlist. ASUS File Manager helps you handle all your files whether they are stored in your device's memory, microSD card, local area network, and cloud storage accounts. By default, ASUS File Manager allows you to copy, move, rename, delete or share files to and from any of your storages.

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It also lets you browse and access your files by category. Search, access, save, move, delete, or share files that are stored in your smart device's internal storage to or from a microSD card, LAN, or Cloud storage accounts and vice-versa. Stream multimedia files such as music or videos or open documents, pictures, or photos stored in any of your Cloud storage accounts - Save disk space by packaging files: Compress files to save space of your storage and extract compressed files in Zip and RAR formats - Easy file browsing: Storage analyzer, recycle bin and hidden cabinet let you manage your disk easily.

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