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Check if the Pokemon GO server is down just for you or everybody else, here.


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If you were able to successfully run Pokemon GO on your BB, please leave us a comment with your device. Use at your own risk. We are not responsible for anything that happens. Thanks to Cobalt from CrackBerry forum for making this possible. If the tutorial helped you out, feel free to make a donation to him here. I just posted the new update. It really is working right now, gladly have my first poke as pika… but ive been walking long enough there isnt even one poke mon on sight, and also my essence cant be used I dont know if its a bug or is it only my phone, z It works, I catch my 1st pokemon but then no GPS signal.

I tried all things above but still no GPS..

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I even have maps open so device will refresh location all the time. I have z10 stl I didnt download blackberry runtime for android cause the reviews and comments in store say that sucks and destroys any other android app on ur phone, but with all other steps I made it work normaly in my z The problem is the GPS signal. When I restart the phone and run pokemon Go it works completely normal but after min it losts ita gps and need restart again.

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Can we do anything for this? Maybe some other app in background or setting makes conflict with pokemon go?

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Its working fine now. I downloaded the patch for ver.

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Do I have to delete the version I previously installed? You do not need to uninstall the game to update. Try re-downloading the new patch! The new patch made gps a bit better but more graph glitches.. There are a ton of settings there for location.. Well all works fine but every 15 min needs restart the phone and to run it as soon as the phone restarts needs 10 min to load and open the pokemon go.

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  4. There is nothing to do for this? Other BlackBerry Z10 users play it normaly? Installed patch ver. Have to uninstall it and revert back to patch ver. No problem loading patch ver. I just tested the newest version 0.

    Pokemon crystal for , games - free blackberry games download

    You will need to stick with 0. Hi, I just tried to log-in using ver. Am I the only one that encountered this, or somebody else suffered my plight? When you see Pokemon on the camera, throw pokeball to catch them. Try to catch as many monsters as possible and pass levels to have a chance to switch pokeball.

    Install Pokemon Go to the BlackBerry

    And especially to bring your pokemon army to battle with others around the world with 3 different options. Download Pokemon go for blackberry to become a coach which has the largest number of Pokemon! Download pokemon go for Blackberry q10 is the hottest game all over the world recently, its profit is over Clash of Clans and be on top of game storage. Download pokemon go for Blackberry brings new creative gameplay which is different as other adventure games. Download pokemon go to experience the first augmented virtual reality game in the world for your phone.

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    Download pokemon go newest version for Blackberry z10 to have the newest updating version extremely interesting only for Blackberry Z Pokemon Go are received a lot of attentions from users as result in this is first successful game using the technology interacts with reality perfectly. Explore pokemon Squirtle of pokemon go to understand informations, strength, skills of Squirtle. Squirtle also is called Water Turtle. Menu Skip to content Pokemon GO. Search for: Download pokemon go for Blackberry free.

    Download pokemon go for Blackberry free1. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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