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iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5: Design

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Buying an iPhone 5S: When does it still make sense?

We think twice about putting it down and even the slightest scratch is very visible. First of all both the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 have fantastic screens. But these phones take a very different approaches to display technology. The one you prefer will depend on what you value most. The Galaxy S5 uses a 5. What does this mean to you? Samsung Galaxy S5 tips and tricks. Colours on the S5 look over saturated and a little fake.

These screens excel at brightness, viewing angles and colour accuracy and the iPhone 6 has one of the best of the bunch. Colour accuracy is better on the iPhone 6 than it is on the S5 but it can come close to the Samsung when it comes to dark scenes. That may not sound like much but you do get a bigger area on which to watch movies, play games or browse the net.

This is a tight one, but as we value accuracy over artificial enhancements the iPhone 6 pips the S5 to the post.

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Android 5. In-fact, Android blows iOS right out of the water when it comes to notifications. A few of the native Samsung apps have also seen a facelift in Android 5. Customisation is a big selling point on Android and virtually, aside from rearranging the icons and changing the wallpaper, non-existent on iOS.

We love switching out the icons, altering the launcher and playing around various lock-screen replacements on the S5 and it somewhat dims our annoyance of TouchWiz, as much of it can be covered up by third-part additions. So, while Android and the Galaxy S5 take the prize for notification management and customisation, iOS still has plenty of things going for it. For one, iOS 8 greatly improved the sharing options available, letting you edit photos with Afterlight, for example, directly from the native Photos app. You can also add articles directly to your Pocket queue from the browser, a godsend if we do say so.

We encountered slow down when opening up apps, scrolling webpages and flicking through the preposterously large Settings apps. On the iPhone 6 we saw barely any dropped frames or poor performance, even when we opened up a load of apps and continuously scrolled from home screen to home screen. While iOS used to dominate Android when it came to apps, the gap has tightened somewhat recently.

But, we still believe if you want the latest, greatest and best designed apps, iOS is the way to go. The App Store is still a much easier way to find the best downloads than Google Play, with always improving curation. Some of you will appreciate the fantastic notification and customisation options Android has to offer, but others will prefer the toned down ease of use and beautiful app selection that comes with iOS.

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera: Even though the S5 has been out for almost a year, it still stands up well in the camera department. The megapixel snapper takes highly-detailed shots, with a particular skill for capturing faces and movement without turning the whole photo into a blurry mess. This can often leave you with sharp, but unrealistic looking results. Samsung Galaxy S5 daylight sample. Even though the iPhone 6 has half as many megapixels as the Galaxy S5, it too captures beautiful photos. It might not have quite the detail when you blow the image up and zoom all the way in, but for the use cases we need, the 8-megapixel sensor is just the right amount.

Snaps from the iPhone 6 look much more natural than those from the S5, with colours coming across much more accurately and everything looks that bit more realistic.

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The two-tone flash on the iPhone 6 is also better than its rival, but we still think flash use on a phone should be kept to a minimum. There are two other parts that make us prefer the iPhone 6 camera, the speed and the simplicity. The camera app on the S5 is also an over-complicated mess, packed with too many useless gimmicks shot and sound, anyone? Maybe the iOS app is on the simple side, but we never feel the need to have deep customisation options when it automatically captures great shots consistently. Video capture is smooth and detailed on both, but the S5 is capable of recording at UHD resolution while the iPhone 6 is still at p.

iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy S5: The Winner Is…

Speakers on a phone are important for conference calling and if you want to watch something without headphones. Neither of these phones pack more impressive front-facing stereo speakers than the HTC One M8 and they are both fairly middling.

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The iPhone 6 is the louder of the two but audio does start to get distorted at the highest levels, which also occurs on the S5. The iPhone 6 has a little more low end but the Galaxy offer a bit more clarity. The iPhone has the speaker at the bottom of the phone whereas the S5 has it at the back. Neither is optimal — front facing is better — but the S5 speaker faces entirely the wrong way and is a bit easier to cover with your hand as you hold it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 — Bluetooth 4. Samsung packs everything but the kitchen sink in their flagship phones and the Galaxy S5 is no different. It also takes advantage of the fast speeds that USB 3. Unlike the iPhone 6 you can also use the S5 as a portable storage device — you can store documents music and movies and transfer these to any computer using the USB cable. Airdrop has been around since iOS 7 and lets you easily share content with friends and family members using iOS devices like the iPad Air https:

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