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HTC Windows Phone 8X vs Nokia Lumia 930

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Spec showdown: HTC One M8 for Windows vs. Nokia Lumia vs. Nokia Lumia Icon - CNET

Don't show this again. Nokia Lumia vs. Nokia Lumia Icon These three flagship Windows Phones are well matched when it comes to design and features -- which one comes out on top for you? Screen 5. Spec showdown: Nokia Lumia Icon Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Next Article: Galaxy Fold dominates Samsung Unpacked. Seams only appear where absolutely necessary around the screen and the SIM card slot. Nokia curved the Gorilla Glass 2 display into the casing here, making the device feel like a cohesive unit.

Black and Cyan are matte and scratch-resistant, but prone to fingerprints. The other colors use a shiny finish that is more susceptible to scratching. Like the Lumia , the screen slopes into the body and is also made from Gorilla Glass 2. Unlike Nokia, every color comes with the same finish. Because of its smaller screen size 4. There is also a small LED embedded in the speaker grill for notifications, a feature we wish was included in every smartphone. Both phones are made well with top-notch materials and eye-catching designs.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. HTC Windows Phone 8X: In-depth comparison

With no physical flaws in construction or design, personal preference prevails. No shame either way. After a while, the extra weight does seems natural and — depending on the person — can actually feel comforting. The Lumia takes the logical route when designing a larger phone by placing the camera and power buttons, as well as the volume rocker along the right side.

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The sharper corners can also dig into your skin at certain angles, a minor gripe but still bothersome at times. In terms of design, HTC checks every box. The 8X is thin, attractive, and original. The best way to describe holding the 8X is that it feels almost identical to cradling a well-used and dry bar of soap.

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The edges are rounded and sink easily into your hand. The soft-touch exterior is smooth and begs to be held. Due to its slimmer profile, the HTC 8X is easier to grip and much harder to drop. Our one objection is the button placement, all the physical buttons are too flush with the body and the power button should have been moved to the right side. The Lumia and 8X have very similar displays. Both use an LCD and both sport a very similar resolution that only differs because of their respective screen sizes.

The 4. Both displays have impressive color reproduction and blacks that are deep enough. The Lumia and 8X both use a technique which reduces the space between the glass and touch sensors for reduced glare. Nokia calls this ClearBlack, saying it uses polarizing layers of glass to minimize reflections.

HTC simply calls it optical lamination. Regardless of name, both devices have great viewing angles and are visible under direct sunlight.

There are a few distinctions that make the Lumia pull ahead by a slim margin. It works well too, animations look the slightest bit smoother on the Lumia when side-by-side with the 8X.

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  • In the end, both the Lumia and 8X have stellar displays. This one comes down to numbers, pure and simple. But due to quality internals and the newly streamlined Windows Phone 8, both smartphones are snappy and quick to load. Another one for the numbers and once again, the Lumia is squarely in the lead. Featuring 32GB of internal storage, the Lumia has enough room for a respectable mobile media library.

    The 8X is no slouch either, but only offers a maximum 16GB of internal storage. The spring-held optics help to reduce blur from shaky hands both when snapping photos and filming video. In practice, they work great and motion blur is a thing of the past. Photos taken in low-light are really clear and details are more pronounced than they look to the naked eye, as if every available speck of light was magnified to illuminate the scene.

    Windows Phone (HTC 8X) vs. Android

    Color reproduction on the Lumia in general can be jarring to the average user. Color reproduction is solid, offering the familiar warmth that is typical of smartphone shooters. The 8X handles macro photography quite well for a smartphone as well, perhaps a niche interest, but still worth bringing up.

    Besides capturing p video, the 8X handles motion very well and moving objects can be seen clearly with no blur. Both cameras will take care of on-the-go snapshots, but the Lumia is more geared towards hardcore shooters. As you may have noticed, the Lumia and 8X are pretty evenly matched across the board. This pattern holds true in the battery category as well. During moderate usage web browsing, texting, calling, apps, etc. Under minimal usage, however, the Lumia is fully capable of lasting 2 days on a single charger. The 8X still wins out in this category for offering consumers a much broader choice of carriers.

    Panorama, Smart Shoot, and Cinemagraph are add-ons to the stock camera app. Panorama allows for panoramic photos. Smart Shoot employs burst photography and allows the user to choose the best features of each one. You are even able to pick between different faces if someone blinked or made a weird face. Cinemagraph lets users create their own animated GIFs. It can be fun to play around with, but the novelty wears off pretty quickly. The 8X sticks to the classic Windows Phone 8 experience for the most part. On the app front, the HTC Hub provides easy access to news, weather, and stocks. For Instagram fans, the Photo Enhancer feature supplies photo filters for retro-transformations of modern photography.

    Opinions of Beats Audio are all over the map, but it is hard to argue with the increased bass levels made possible by the addition. Considering all the extras that come along with the Lumia , the 8X seems really expensive. After duking it out with the 8X, the Lumia takes the crown as reigning leader of Windows Phone 8.

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