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Easy to navigate, users can find top rated poems, write and edit their own, share to social, and even use a Twitter haiku button to count the syllables and lines before they send off their work! Of course, nothing beats a classic notepad and pen, but these 11 apps can help you when inspiration strikes. Whether you want to kill time at the DMV with a few good poems or write a few yourself during your commute, having some go-to poetry apps in your pocket will make life that much easier. Home Discover read poets Blog prompts Events Contact.

Written By Thea voutiritsas In the digital age, poetry has taken a mobile-friendly shift to shorter, more accessible poems. Apps for reading poetry: Apps for listening to poetry: Apps for writing poetry: Portapoet iOS With Portapoet, users can write, share, and compete with each other to keep their writing fresh and interesting.

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Compatibility Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Languages English. Just download it on your phone and enjoy it with pleasure. The program automatically generates a huge number of poems, then reads it into the voice of your second half. Undoubtedly, the beautiful voice of the Autobot will not leave anyone indifferent to whom these beautiful poems will be dedicated.

It happens so, you love a young man or a girl, and he she also knows about it but does not dare to take the first step. But, even when you decided to take this first step and confess your feelings, the second question arises: If you think that you do not have a fantasy for confessions of love, then you, for sure, live very hard, especially when you want to make a compliment to a girl you like.

Faced with such a problem, you begin to search the Internet for poetry or confessions, but, more often either they all have heard a hundred times, or they sound boring and cliche.

11 Poetry Apps for the Poet on the Go — read poetry

In this case, you will need the Love Poem application, which will make your life easier. After all, this is a huge collection of confessions for all occasions. Send messages that really surprise your soul mate. It can be all sorts of love letters or small romantic elements of life, like the wish of a good morning or a good night. Be romantic and unpredictable. What can be more beautiful and desirable than love?

Poems of Love App Presents: When I look at you

After all, it is this feeling that makes you soar in the sky, forgetting about all the problems and worries. But no matter how strong feelings are, sometimes it is so difficult to express them in words, picking up and saying all that is necessary and important about your feelings. Only here you can find the warmest, sensual and beautiful confessions not only in prose but also in poetry, romantic wishes.

Or maybe you are a quivering girl, who is afraid to tell her feelings to a young man first? Then these confessions of love will help you make this important in your life the first step, thereby subtly hinting at their pure and romantic feelings for him the only one. Let the confessions of love become for you a frontier that will resolve your future relationship, give them certainty and confirm your mutual desire to be together forever.

The free application Heart Touching Love Poems is a great collection of love poems that are always at hand on your Android. Poems are an excellent way to express feelings, to say beautifully about what it is difficult to find words for and do it not in some way, unskilfully, but using beautiful and touching words of love lyrics.

30 Poetry Apps for the Mobile Poet and Poetry Lover

Poems conquered the hearts of ladies for many decades. When there is a need to find the necessary verses — Heart Touching Love Poems becomes a convenient assistant and a tool that has everything you need for this. This application will help you to surprise your soul mate beautifully and effectively with the help of beautiful declarations of love in verse and prose.

Confessions are updated daily, so you can please loved ones often and in an original way. Have you been in love with a girl for a long time, but you just cannot decide on a frank and sincere declaration of love? Are you afraid that she will not reciprocate, consider you tedious and unconvincing?

Love poems apps for Android

To conquer the heart of your beloved, you need to find exactly those words that will touch the strings of her soul and make the heart tremble. A declaration of love for a girl is an exciting and important step in the life of any guy, a man.

love poems apps for iphone Love poems apps for iphone
love poems apps for iphone Love poems apps for iphone
love poems apps for iphone Love poems apps for iphone
love poems apps for iphone Love poems apps for iphone
love poems apps for iphone Love poems apps for iphone
love poems apps for iphone Love poems apps for iphone
love poems apps for iphone Love poems apps for iphone

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