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The person who calls last gets the response last. Luggage checking machine: Luggage checking machine checks the luggage first that comes first. Therefore, it follows FIFO principle of queue. Patients waiting outside the doctor's clinic: The patient who comes first visits the doctor first, and the patient who comes last visits the doctor last.

Therefore, it follows the first-in-first-out FIFO strategy of queue. Stack is a linear data structure in which item insertion or deletion takes place at only one place called TOP. Stack is also called as LIFO or restricted list.


Queue and Queue Applications

What is LIFO? LIFO - Last In First Out It is the principle which specifies that the data item that is inserted last into the stack is the first one to be deleted from the stack. Stacks in data structures We can relate stacks to some real life objects and situations, as you can see in the picture of stack of books, One can add a new book to an existing stack of books only at its top and no where else. Similarly a book cannot be added in the middle of the stack so one has to remove all the books above to add a new book at desired place.

For more information and programs on stacks and explanation visit Program2Do. Please help me to build a list of examples of stack and queue in real life situation The object concerned must only one object. And the object must be tangible. At least 10 examples TNX: This is an assignment for you to do, so do your own damn homework. Rashakil Fol commented: Sorry you missed the chess tournament. Can i get real life example of stack for making simulation.

STACK AND QUEUE ("Real Life Examples")

Plz give some example of real life in which data structure are use. Plus One. Getting Started: Your OS puts all of these docs in a queue and sends them to the printer. The printer takes and prints each document in the order the docs are put in the queue, ie, First In, First Out. In the situation where there are multiple users or a networked computer system, you probably share a printer with other users. When you request to print a file, your request is added to the print queue.

STACK AND QUEUE ("Real Life Examples") - Misc

When your request reaches the front of the print queue, your file is printed. This ensures that only one person at a time has access to the printer and that this access is given on a first-come, first-served basis. This pattern is used in all web servers, among others. See producer-consumer problem. In a breadth-first "shallowest"-first search of a graph, you would use a queue to store nodes as you discover them. Our software queues have counterparts in real world queues. We wait in queues to buy pizza, to enter movie theaters, to drive on a turnpike, and to ride on a roller coaster.

Another important application of the queue data structure is to help us simulate and analyze such real world queues. Algorithms and data-structures are strongly tight together So , usually using a Queue depends on the Algorithm which will manipulate the Stack Enqueuing and Dequeuing Which in turn.

For example , if you are making an application , which will accept input from multiple users , and you have to server them on a "First Come First Service" basis.. Queues are using first in first out concept FIFO. The first job to arrive is the first to be processed. OS queues documents for printing in a queue where the printer will only print the first document to arrive and give output.

Game Application: Algorithms that explore mazes of interconnected rooms use queues to keep track of which options have not yet been explored. Queues can also be used to implement a Breadth First Search - an algorithm which traverses all the vertices in a Graph which can be reached from a start vertex. There are many real life examples which may help for better understanding of queue.

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For example, wherever we use a queue to get or give anything. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. What are practical applications of Queues? Ask Question.

Have you ever waited in a line? Anything that has to wait for a service, capability, etc They are used any time you want to pass something around in some sort of order. Take your profile, for example. There's a queue of 20 questions that you've asked, all waiting for you to accept answers for them.

Queue , Queue ADT: application and Introduction

Il-Bhima Il-Bhima 8, 1 38 Bhavya Bhavya 2 2. Pretty practical answer here, thanks! High-Performance Mark Maybe with two monitors you could use your two processors aka brain hemispheres to process two posts in parallel Zaki Zaki 5, 4 25 James M. Typical uses of queues are in simulations and operating systems. Operating systems often maintain a queue of processes that are ready to execute or that are waiting for a particular event to occur.

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queue applications in real life Queue applications in real life
queue applications in real life Queue applications in real life
queue applications in real life Queue applications in real life
queue applications in real life Queue applications in real life
queue applications in real life Queue applications in real life
queue applications in real life Queue applications in real life
queue applications in real life Queue applications in real life

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