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Cut down on your battery usage with Ultra Power Saving Mode. Equipped with a Quad processor and 1. Enjoy browsing the web, watching videos and playing games at breathtaking speeds. Check on your battery levels, storage, RAM usage and security status — all at a single glance. Battery time is based on our own laboratory measurements, and may vary depending on factors such as device settings, usage patterns and operating conditions.

If you select both exchange and bundle option, an additional exchange discount of the exchange option will not be applied. Are you sure to proceed? Galaxy J3 5. Availability at branches. Zoom in Up key Down Left Right. Enjoy immersive wide-screen content Experience a slim and compact design Cut down battery usage with Ultra Power Saving Mode Enjoy the efficiency of powerful performance.

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Samsung galaxy s3 sa kushton

Please double check your email address. Vivid viewing experience The new Galaxy J features a redesigned front that looks great and takes the viewing experience to a new level. Comfortable minimalism With a thickness of just 7. More Battery Power Use your phone for longer than ever with a new and improved mAh battery. Now yours with Samsung financing.

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Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge

Black Onyx. Rose Gold. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. When I printed out some close up and other shots, I was really happy with the detailing in the pictures. Turns out to be a pretty good camera. The only way to get flash is to get a archived flash and use a high end browser such as Puffin or Maxthon Browser. So downloading the older archived flash gives the ability to view SOME internet videos, but this is better than no flash at all. Keep in mind this is a problem with ALL brands of Android devices with 4.

It is what it is If you want the link for the manual, let you know in the comments and I will give it to you. So no big deal. Not a problem for me because I have learned over time that if a device is going to fail, it usually does it within the first 30 days. This phone has been great--no problems at all! I do not use NFC so I have no problem with that. Bottom line: Would I buy this phone all over again?

Yes I certainly would. Will this phone be the best for you? Yes, if you do not expect every bell and whistle feature from the BIG S3, want just the most important features, want a smaller and more lightweight phone that will do all the basic things of a Smartphone, then I totally recommend this phone! Hope this review has assisted you and thank you for reading it. Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comment area and I will answer all questions in a very timely manner.

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I got this phone two days ago after a huge snowstorm. I really didn't expect UPS to be delivering stuff that day, but they did. I got this phone to replace a Nokia c The first thing I noticed was that it is about half the weight of my old phone and the screen is much bigger. It is also twice as thin. I put my sim card in and my memory card. All the photos and videos I took with my Nokia were there, along with all my music files. Since installing my memory card, I have realized that I have too many photos.

Most of them I have already transferred to my computer. I don't need to preserve them on my phone. I am going to reformat my memory card. I set this phone up so I could send and receive text messages as well as email. I also like the voice activated google search. Also, I don't have to use a keyboard every time I want to send a message.

I just speak the message. Speech recognition on this phone is great. I realize this is an unlocked phone originally meant to be sold in Europe, but the charger I got with this cannot be used in the USA. I don't see why I didn't get at least an adapter or a travel charger designed to be used in my country. I noticed that other reviewers got one of these with their phones. I guess it depends who you get them from. I have had this for a week now.

I forgot that I had dimmed the screen to save battery power. It was fine when I wanted to read what was on the screen in my house, but yesterday I had to use the phone in bright sunlight. Increasing the screen brightness did the trick. The MMS message incurred no data charge, but I still had to connect to mobile data. So I bought this phone in October of I was given another old 'smart' phone by a friend and when I did Data was added onto the plan.

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I wasn't able to use it so I wanted to buy a newer smart phone to use what we were paying for on our plan. Everything was working great at first.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge Review & Rating |

Around late November though my Data stopped working, and I thought it was the plan, and then realized it was the phone. I thought maybe it was a glitch that sometimes devices got those and I have been meaning to reset it to see if it fixed the problem. So the people I was on the plan with decided to switch carriers, so I was left with an unlocked phone. I paid for it, even made a call to tell my mother that I had a phone number again.

All the sudden I couldn't make or receive calls or texts. I had bought this thing, it came right out of the box, even had a seal on it that said do not accept if seal is broken. The seal wasn't broken. I've been using the phone for months and now all the sudden it's stolen!? Far too late to return it now! I'm pissed! To top that off, I can't even put that SIM card into that old smart phone I have to use the phone for work because the account is locked and their fraud department won't unlock it.

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sa kushton samsung galaxy s3 Sa kushton samsung galaxy s3
sa kushton samsung galaxy s3 Sa kushton samsung galaxy s3
sa kushton samsung galaxy s3 Sa kushton samsung galaxy s3
sa kushton samsung galaxy s3 Sa kushton samsung galaxy s3
sa kushton samsung galaxy s3 Sa kushton samsung galaxy s3
sa kushton samsung galaxy s3 Sa kushton samsung galaxy s3
sa kushton samsung galaxy s3 Sa kushton samsung galaxy s3
sa kushton samsung galaxy s3 Sa kushton samsung galaxy s3
Sa kushton samsung galaxy s3

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